India: Meghalaya CM vows to revitalise state's water bodies
India: Meghalaya CM vows to revitalise state's water bodies, image credits: Google

Meghalaya, India: Conrad K Sangma, the Chief Minister of Meghalaya, stated that his administration is dedicated to revitalising and restoring all of the state’s water bodies.

On April 14, Conrad Sangma, Deputy Chief Minister Sniawbhalang Dhar, Minister AL Hek, chief secretary DP Wahlang senior officers, members of Dorbar Shnongs, and representatives from various civil bodies attended a meeting on the revitalisation and restoration of Shillong’s three main rivers, the Wahumkhrah, Wah Umshyrpi, and Wah Umkhen.


CM Sangma stated that the meeting’s goal was to determine the crucial gaps, create a future action plan, and determine the best course of action for revitalising and restoring Shillong’s three important rivers while enlisting the help of the Dorbar Shnongs and local communities.

The Chief Minister emphasised the need for a balance between ecology and the economy. He stated, “Our meeting today is a part of the state government’s bigger plan to strike a balance between livelihood, economy, and environment so that, while the economic demands are met, the environment is also preserved for future generations.”

Furthermore, he discussed some of the government’s initiatives to combat climate change, manage sewage and waste, phase out single-use plastics, reduce air pollution by using electric vehicles, plant trees, and promote community involvement through education, programmes, and curriculum design.

In a previous presentation, the chief secretary, DP Wahlang, stated that the National Green Tribunal (NGT) and courts had issued orders to address the problem of river pollution. He added that the 45 most contaminated rivers in the nation, according to NGT, are Wahumkhrah and Umshyrpi.

He urged the community and many stakeholders, such as KHADC, Dorbar Shnongs, and civil society organisations, to actively participate in awareness-raising and mobilisation.


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