UNICEF SHA Karin Kallander lauds India's COVID-19 vaccination drive as thriving success
UNICEF SHA Karin Kallander lauds India's COVID-19 vaccination drive as thriving success (image credits google)

Panaji, Goa, India: Karin Kallander – a senior Health Advisor and Chief of the Digital Health and Information System (CDHIS), has praised India for its thriving programme regarding the fight against covid-19 and the deployment of vaccination.

Kallander is currently on her visit to Goa to attend the Group of 20 (G20) Health Working Group meeting in its second edition.


The G20 summit on Health Working Group kicked off on April 17 and concluded on April 19. During the meeting, around 180 delegates from across the world and 19 G20 member countries took part, along with 22 international organizations and ten invited states.

During the meeting, she extended her remarks, applauded the efforts and programmes dedicated to covid vaccination in India, and called it unique and successful. 

India has used technology significantly to assist in the deployment of covid vaccines to all corners of the country, which is an inspiration to the world.

In her remarks, she cited that India already possesses the suitable infrastructure and health care sector, eventually making the vaccination drives a success story. 

The government had played its role efficiently and placed required national and security policies to assist and smooth the whole process. On the other hand, many countries struggled to do the same due to a lack of policies and had to start from scratch.

The Senior Health Advisor at UNICEF, Kallander, further took it to convey the different ways to implement the same step-by-step digital interventions in other countries. 


She outlined that the world has a lot to adapt and learn from what India has accomplished in building a successful health information structure.

On her part, during an interview with ANI (Asia News International), the Senior Health Advisor at UNICEF stressed that the digital health era is approaching and will transform the global health sector. 

She highlighted that with the help of digital health tools, countries can benefit significantly in today’s digitalized world.

The health authorities can reach out to the concerned parties in a millisecond to assist them with their medication while improving the efficiency of care. Digital health platforms such as telehealth help people to find the best medical care online while saving both time and money.

Moreover, these applications can help find the right solution for a patient while detecting unusual health trends using accurate data and records digitally. 

The health care services can also be enhanced through the use of digital health tools as they can provide better and smooth functionality along with efficient care in no time, she added.



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