Dominica: Housing Minister Melissa Skerrit visits thriving housing development sites
Dominica: Housing Minister Melissa Skerrit visits thriving housing development sites (image credits Facebook)

Roseau, Dominica: The Minister of Housing, Land and Development and Parliamentary Representative of the Roseau Central Constituency of Dominica -Melissa Poponne Skerrit has recently visited the Soufriere, Scottshead and Grand Bay Housing Development Site yesterday, April 19, 2023.

According to the shared updates, Melissa Skerrit shared a glimpse of her visit while expressing her happiness and joy through her official social media handle regarding the progress of the current development project in the region. In her remarks, Minister of Housing Melissa Skerrit noted that she toured the site and was briefed about the progress of the projects.


She extended her remarks and pointed out that the regions of Soufriere and Scottshead have been under notable work progress. Meanwhile, she outlined that the government of Dominica is focusing on the continuous growth and development of the nation in different fields.

Furthermore, Melissa Skerrit also shared the progress status at Scottshead and Soufriere in April 2023, which is read below;

The Minister of Housing, Land and Development cited that Housing Development Programme in Scottshead and Soufriere has registered around 65 per cent progress. On the construction site, bungalows with thirteen bedrooms and two duplexes with four bedrooms have been in progress.

During her visit, she also visited the area of the Grand Bay Housing Programme and highly praised the efforts and progress of the development. Through her update, she shared several photographs from the housing units and cited that she toured the sites to understand the progress at the construction sites better.

She extended her remarks and noted that the Dominican government had been committed to providing better facilities to the people of Dominica. The administration under the leadership of Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit will be able to take the nation forward towards a better future.

As per the reports, Minister Melissa Skerrit explained the progress at the Grand Bay Housing Development Site.


The Grand Bay Housing Programme has seen nearly 56.25 per cent of growth and development. She mentioned the reconstruction of Petro cases and noted that the authorities had built Eighty Two bungalows with three bedrooms. The area included several other facilities as well, which read below;

Sixteen Two (2) Bedroom Bungalows Community Centre with Fire Station Upgrade, Shops, and Church. The government of Dominica has started the construction of climate-resilient houses after the destruction caused by Hurricane Maria to mitigate the impact of adverse climate change.



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