India: PM Narendra Modi emphasises teachings of Sikh Gurus at 35th Australian Sikh Games
India: PM Narendra Modi emphasises teachings of Sikh Gurus at 35th Australian Sikh Games

India: In his address to the 35th Australian Sikh Games, Prime Minister Narendra Modi noted that Sikh Gurus had emphasised the value of spiritual development and physical health while guiding India and the rest of the world with numerous timeless and eternal principles.

PM Modi said that the Sikh Gurus advocated uniting members of all social strata to work as a team to advance society. The PM stated that “these notions are also important in the field of sport where people join together to compete on an equal platform regardless of their social background.”


The 35th Australian Sikh Games, organised at Gold Coast in Brisbane from April 7-9, were attended by members of the Sikh diaspora in Australia. They applauded the PM’s gesture and said it would serve as a tremendous source of inspiration for Indian youngsters living there.

The Sikh community in Australia expressed a strong desire to support Prime Minister Modi’s goal of a developed India and committed to doing so. The diaspora of Indians also expressed their confidence in PM Modi’s leadership ability.

On discussing the Prime Minister’s message for the games, Indian Minorities Foundation (IMF) Convenor Satnam Singh Sandhu said, “PM Modi’s comments served as a fantastic incentive for the participants, especially the youth.”

He added that “PM Modi referred to the games as a crucial forum for the Indian diaspora to reconnect with their own culture in his address. The Sikh Gurus and Community have always been the subject of special love and respect from Prime Minister Narendra Modi.”

“In his nine years as India’s prime minister, Modi has been responsible for a number of historic accomplishments, including the opening of the Kartarpur Sahib Corridor after a seven-decade wait, the three-decade wait for victims of the 1984 anti-Sikh riots to receive justice, the inauguration of the Hemkund Sahib Ropeway project, and the grand celebrations of Gurupurabs, among others,” Satnam Sandhu noted.

The letter of congratulations from Prime Minister Modi was presented by Sandhu to Sarabjot Singh Dhillon, the president of the Australian National Sikh Sports and Cultural Council. Rupinder Brar, a prominent member of the Indian diaspora in Australia, was also present.


“We thank and feel thankful that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has delivered a special message for the Sikh Diaspora who is taking part in the Australian Sikh Games 2023,” Sarabjot Singh Dhillon stated during the opening ceremony. He continued by saying that the competition is held annually to inspire people of all ages to participate in different sporting events and to show off the inherent Sikh ideals of inclusivity, fair play, and triumph.

Importantly, for the first time in the 35-year history of the games, the Indian national flag was also flown during the 35th Australian Sikh Games.

When the tricolour was raised at the stadium, the participants were overcome with a sense of patriotism. The 35th Australian Sikh Games 2023 took place from April 7 to April 9. During the course of three days, the Games drew crowds of up to 100,000 people.

The events were expertly planned and held in stadiums of the calibre used to hold the Olympic and Commonwealth Games.

The major sporting and cultural event for the Australian Sikh community is the Australian Sikh Games. Every year, critical regional centres and Australia’s main cities host the Games. Many people showed great interest in learning more about Indian culture and its roots during the most recent round of the games.


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