Egypt: Tourism Minister Ahmed Issa seeks updates to promote yacht tourism 
Egypt: Tourism Minister Ahmed Issa seeks updates to promote yacht tourism (image credits Facebook)

Egypt: The Minister of Tourism, Monuments, and Transport and Antiquities, Dr Ahmed Issa, has recently attended a meeting to follow up with the latest updates and information on the implementation of the strategy to enhance yacht tourism in Egypt. The meeting was intended to enhance the different sectors of the tourism industry and attract more visitors to the nation.

According to the recent updates, The initiatives have been on a roll under the directiveness of the President of Egypt, Abdel Fattah El Sisi. Specifically, the project focuses on improving and magnifying the aspects of yacht tourism in the nation, he added.


The Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, under the leadership of Dr Ahmed Issa, has been implementing various techniques and measures in this context. Furthermore, the meeting came within the framework of the periodic meetings held by the Ministers of Tourism, Archaeology and Transport.

Dr Ahmed Issa, Tourism Minister, has also stated that during the periodic meetings for continuous coordination in the joint work files between the two ministries, Mr Ahmed Issa and the team of full engineers met with the Minister of Transport at the Ministry of Transport headquarters in the new administrative capital.

Moreover, the meeting was primarily focused on following up on the latest updates regarding the implementation of the strategy of maximizing yacht tourism in Egypt and ensuring that there are no obstacles to divert without the implementation of this strategy.

The meeting was attended by Major General Reda Ismail, Head of the Maritime Transport Sector at the Ministry of Transport, Dr Khaled Sharif, Assistant Minister of Tourism and Archaeology for Digital Transformation and Supervisor of the Yacht Tourism File, and Mr Mohammed Amer, Head of the Central Management of Shops, Hotel Facilities, and Tourism Activities in the Ministry of Tourism and Archaeology.

During the meeting, the updates on the yacht tourism development plan were discussed. They reviewed the development of the business in the single window of yacht tourism newly launched by the maritime transport sector represented by all stakeholders to simplify procedures and obtain security approvals, as well as follow up on work to complete the second phase of its development.

The meeting also discussed the proposal of the Egyptian General Authority for Tourism Activation and Maritime Transport Sector to implement a marketing plan to promote yacht tourism and Egyptian tourist ports and its appropriate timing to maximize the benefit of yacht tourism as one of the important tourism styles that the country has taken great interest in.



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