Egypt: EM Yasmin Fouad explores global marathon in Wadi Al Rayyan Reserve
Egypt: EM Yasmin Fouad explores global marathon in Wadi Al Rayyan Reserve (image credits Facebook)

Egypt: The Minister of Environment, Yasmin Fouad, recently held an extensive meeting with an investor in the private sector to research the organization of a global marathon in the Wadi Al Rayyan Reserve in cooperation with a French company.

On her part, Environment Minister Yasmin Fouad noted that the “Marathon is a real opportunity to promote and support ecotourism in Fayoum reserves.” 


The marathon will be held in Fayoum Governorate from the headquarters of the Ministry of Environment in the new administrative capital to complement her consultations to support environmental investment in nature reserves and the presence of relevant ministry leaders.

During the meeting, Dr Yasmin Fouad stressed the importance of introducing diverse tourism activities in line with the nature of the reserves and enjoying their scenic nature in cooperation with the private sector to support environmental tourism in the reserves.

She further asserted that “Cooperation in the light of the state’s direction to support investment in cooperation with the Private sector and benefiting from regional and international experiences in this regard with taking care of the company’s compliance with all standards and environmental conditions within nature reserves.”

The investor submitted a proposal to hold the Egyptian version of the sand race in the Wadi Al Rayyan Reserve, noting that it is a marathon and a global sport race of about 120 km, held for four days in the desert, aimed at promoting and supporting ecotourism in the Al Rayyan Valley.

It has been organized for the first time in 40 years in Morocco and is being repeated in many countries. Widely global fame and broadcast through international TV channels and digital broadcasting platforms, 300 participants of different nationalities are expected to attend the first edition of it in Egypt.

It has been reported that the event is held under the auspices of a number of ministries to be organized in cooperation with a French company specialized in advertising and marketing. The meeting also included showing a short film about race and its role in supporting environmental work and conserving natural resources.


The Minister of the Environment, Fouad, has initiated its initial agreement to support the race, provided that its holders adhere to the standards and conditions of nature reserves and the need to determine the responsibilities and roles of all partners, taking all procedures and obtaining all necessary approvals from the stakeholders.

The investor thanks and appreciates the environment minister’s support for investors for environmental tourism development within nature reserves.


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