Egypt: Culture Minister, Nevine Al Kilani celebrates Eid with theatre performances
Egypt: Culture Minister, Nevine Al Kilani celebrates Eid with theatre performances (image credits Facebook)

Egypt: The Ministry of Culture of Egypt – Nevine Al Kilani participated in the celebrations of the Eid ul-Fitr with eight theatrical performances and films of the season in Al-Shaab Cinema and special events for children and safe neighbourhoods. 

According to the updates, under the auspices of Nevine Al-Kilani, Minister of Culture, the Ministry of Culture organized several artistic events to celebrate Eid ul-Fitr in several cultural sites in Cairo and governorates.


During the celebrations, the theatres featured the show from the General Authority for Palaces of Culture, headed by director Hisham Atwa, films of the Eid season as part of the “People’s Cinema” project. This project aims to provide cinematic works to the public in the provinces, especially those that lack the existence of a movie screening role, at low prices.

“Fifteen (15) governorates received Eid fans in several cultural palaces, highlighted by “Roud Al-Faraj Culture Palace, Anfushi Culture Palace, Hebs Cinema in the New Valley, Suez Culture Palace, Zagazig Culture Palace, Luxor, Sadat Cinema in Menoufia, Qena Culture Palace, Assiut Culture Palace, Tanta Culture Palace, Port Said Culture Palace, Kafr Sheikh Cultural Palace, Ismailia Culture Palace, July 23 theatre in Mahalla,” said the Minister.

In her remarks, Minister Nevine Al Kilani further cited that the parties were held at all mentioned locations at the following times: 10 am to 12 pm-midnight.

The Ministry of Culture also organized a cultural and artistic program for the residents of several cities and neighbourhoods of “Safe Housing Alternative to Random” throughout Eid. The celebration of “Eid Farha” in our region of our people and imagination on the first and second days of Eid, and the kindergarten of Mrs Zeinab on the third day of Eid.

Furthermore, “The festive activities include bridal performances, marionette, a children’s painting workshop and face painting. And entertaining games also provide a range of educational awareness meetings for children,” the Minister of Culture added.

The Art House for Theatre presented, headed by the director Khaled Jalal, head of the cultural production sector and the head of the Art House for Theatre, a distinguished program that includes eight performances by various Theatre Art House teams between shows that achieved great public success and new performances, where all shows begin from the second day of Eid.


The comedy theatre band opened the Miami Theatre after the completion of its development work with the new theatre show “Tayeb and Amir” about the legacy of Najeeb Al-Rihani and Badi Khairi, written by Muhammad Al-Malawani and directed by Mohamed Jabr at eight-thirty the evening. 

In contrast, the modern theatre group presents “Cupid Plan”, Written and poems by Abdullah, the poet and directed by Ahmed Fouad, at Al Salam Theatre at seven pm, and the show “Leave Yourself”, written by Mark Egya and directed by Jamal Yaqout, will be held at Youssef Idris Hall at Al Salam Theatre at eight thirty pm.

While Al-Ghad Theatre Band presented “After the Last Bullet”, written by Ali Abdel Nabi Al-Zaidi, prepared and directed by Sharif Sobhi, at Al-Ghad Theatre in Al-Ajouza at nine in the evening.

As for the Vanguard Theatre Band, the performance of “Beat Rose” was written and directed by Mahmoud Jamal Hadini at Salah Abdel Sabour Hall in the Vanguard Theatre in the Threshold at 7 pm.

And in Alexandria, the Alexandria Theatre Band presents the theatrical show “King Hammam and the Gang of Hyenas”, written and directed by Ehab Mabrouk, at the Al-Hurriya High School Theatre at eight in the evening.

For children, the Cairo Bridal Theatre Band presented the show “My Bride”, written by Mohamed Bahjat and directed by Mohamed Nour, at the Cairo Bridal Theatre at seven pm. As for the National Children’s Theatre Band, the band presented “Jannah Cookie”, written and poems by Abu Salem, and directed by Safwat Sobhi, at Metropol Theatre in El-Athaba.

The National Center for Child Culture, chaired by the writer Muhammad Abdel-Hafiz Nassif, is also organizing a particular program starting Sunday, April 22, that includes “art workshops, Mariont bridal shows entitled “Cookie”, “Treasure” shows and “Playgrounds”, the “Kazaloun” Brides and Luminous Theatre show. The shows begin at 4 pm.


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