Faisal Al-Hamoud says, Kuwait’s medical sector is full of ambitions
Faisal Al-Hamoud says, Kuwait’s medical sector is full of ambitions || Image Credits: Facebook

Kuwait: Advisor at the Amiri Diwan, Sheikh Faisal Al-Hamoud Al-Malik Al-Sabah, affirmed that Kuwait is full of ambitious youth full of renewable energy in various fields of work, distinguished medical cadres, creators and inventors, pointing to the need to pay attention to them and support them in all their age groups, as they are a social, scientific, intellectual and cultural wealth. ‫

Yesterday, Al-Hamoud received the President of the Gulf Society for Family Medicine and the President of the Kuwaiti Association for Family Medicine, Dr Muhammad Al-Azmi, on the occasion of the establishment of the Gulf Society for Family Medicine, where he stressed that these scientific efforts are appreciated by the lofty political leadership of His Highness the Emir of the country and His Highness the Crown Prince, wishing him and the members of the Society to achieve what they aspire to achieve medical goals and thanking him for his dedication to establishing the Gulf Society for Family Medicine.

In turn, Al-Azmi thanked Sheikh Faisal Al-Hamoud for his constant support and encouragement to all medical cadres and promised him more medical successes to serve our country, Kuwait.

Sheikh Faisal Al-Hamoud also received Dr Dana Al-Diwali on the occasion of her graduation from the Arabian Gulf University and her obtaining a Bachelor of Medical Sciences and a Doctor of Medicine and General Surgery degree, wishing her success and a prosperous future in the medical sector.

For her part, Dr Dana expressed her happiness and thanks for the welcome and honor she received from Sheikh Faisal Al-Hamoud on this occasion.


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