Ministry of Education and Civil Defence collaborate on safety workshop for secure Iraq
Ministry of Education and Civil Defence collaborate on safety workshop for secure Iraq || Picture Courtesy: Ministry of Education - Iraq (Facebook)

Iraq: The Ministry of Education and Civil Defence hold a workshop on occupational safety to reach a safe and sustainable Iraq, according to the latest update by the Ministry of Education.

As per the update, the subject of security and protection of workers and employees in the ministry is a national duty task that needs to be learned in the concepts of applying the principles of risk management for predicting, determining and evaluating control.


The update outlined that this is the reason that the Ministry of Education, in cooperation with the Directorate of Civil Defense and the Security Clearing Department, held a workshop on how to provide social, cultural and psychological protection requirements to employees.

The meeting was represented by the Minister of Education, the Director of the Minister’s Office, Dr Saad Ahmed Ziyab, General Mohsen Kazem, the Director of Civil Defense, a representative of the National Security Consultancy, and an elite representative of our esteemed Iraqi ministries.

In the end, the Ministry of Education of Iraq stated that the Media Office referred to the agenda of the workshop, including the introduction of ways of analysing and identifying weaknesses and strengths in the ministry to create a safe environment for the employee free of risks in achieving the prime objective of upgrading the professional and environmental reality by opening the community partnership space for civil defence men, the preventive fortress and the first disaster prevention blinds to reach to a safe and sustainable Iraq.

Earlier, the Ministry of Education sought to implement educational programs that build youth immunity in cooperation with UNESCO. One such program was organised by the ministry under the slogan: Education is a tool to prevent violent extremism.

According to the update, the spokesman of the Ministry of Administrative Affairs, Dr Falah Mahmoud Al-Qaisi, emphasised the pursuit of educational programs that build youth immunity regarding violent extremism within the framework of education as a tool to prevent violent extremism at the closing meeting organised by the Ministry of Education sponsored by UNESCO.


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