Egypt: Sports Minister Ashraf Sobhy launches festive initiative during Eid ul-Fitr Celebrations

Egypt: The Minister of Youth and Sports, Ashraf Sobhy, has recently stated that the ministry has launched a festive period initiative following the celebrations of Eid ul-Fitr. The initiatives are mainly focused on and target the youth of the country, which also helps them in achieving their goals while living together in a community.

According to the updates, the officials from the Ministry of Youth and Sports shared the news through its official social media handle; the update further read, “Continuation of the activities of the Eid is a sweeter initiative in the second day in youth centres in all governorates with the participation of more than a million members of Egyptian families.”


Minister Ashraf Sobhy stated that “The initiative is one of the most important indicators of the success of youth centres in achieving their goals as inclusive community service centres.”

The Ministry of Youth and Sports announced the achievement of Eid, a sweeter initiative by youth centres. It has been a great success during the second day of Eid al-Fitr celebrations in bringing joy and happiness to the souls of children and families in villages, starvation and cities within the geographical range of youth centres under the sponsorship and direction of Ashraf Sobhy, Minister of Youth and Sports.

In his remarks, he further confirmed that the initiative aims to achieve the ministry’s strategy of making youth centres community service centres that seek to build the Egyptian personality, being educational centres attractive for youth. He also noted the big construction boom that youth centres have seen in recent years in youth centres across the country.

In order to present programs and activities to its pioneers in a way that befits the Egyptian citizen and is attractive to all age groups, affirming that the initiative is one of the most important indicators of the success of the youth and sport system in achieving its goals.

The initiative includes the provision of entertainment services for adults and young people, gifts for children, provision of playgrounds, table tennis games, billiards, entertainment games, cultural and entertainment competitions, and opening pools to the public with all safety and safety factors being provided according to the Code of Pools insurance for youth and sports bodies.


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