Egypt: Minister of Sports Ashraf Sobhy concludes Ramadan tournaments
Egypt: Minister of Sports Ashraf Sobhy concludes Ramadan tournaments (image credits Facebook)

Egypt: The Minister of Youth and Sports, Ashraf Sobhy, has recently toured Dakahlia Governorate and witnessed the conclusion of Ramadan tournaments in Al-Salahat Youth Center and Mit Tarif and the opening of a number of football stadiums. He was accompanied by several officials and ministry members, along with executives and leaders of the governorate.

During his visit, Minister Ashraf Sobhy was briefed by the administration of Bani Obaid in Dakahlia governorate and attended the conclusion of the Ramadan Session at the Centre, at the invitation of Deputy Ashraf Al-Shabrawi Abu Al-Ala, in the presence of the ministry and directorate.


Dr Ashraf Sobhy witnessed the conclusion of the Ramadan tournament at Mit Tarif Youth Center under Dekerns administration and the season’s final match between the teams of Mit Tarif Youth Centre and Hamada Youth Center.

Furthermore, a parade match was played between two teams, Al Ahli Club and Zamalek Club, with the participation of Zamalek stars Ahmed Jafar and Ibrahim Salah and Al Ahli Ibrahim Saeed and Ahmed Abu Muslim and Hani Al-Ajizi, and judges Jamal Al-Ghandour and Ibrahim Nuruddin.

The Minister, accompanied by the gentlemen of attendance and Deputy Dr Walaa Abdel Fattah, inaugurated a football stadium, laid the foundation stone of the semi-Olympic swimming pool, and the prize distribution ceremony, in the presence of the Egyptian sports stars.

The Minister of Youth and Sports confirmed that the Egyptian state and His Excellency President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, showed a clear interest in the youth, working to emphasize their athletic role, uplift their status, work on their presence as active parties in the new country, and their transition from the audience seat to taking part in making the event seriously and honestly.

Ashraf Sobhy further pointed out the development of youth and sports facilities and the development of youth centres throughout the Republic, and the development of an integrated vision of the development of infrastructure facilities of the sports system in Egypt.

The development includes youth centres, in line with the state strategy to build the Egyptian man, thanks to the added value of the sport system in Egypt and the spread of the practice of sport On a wide range among citizens.


The Minister retrieved: “We are working on the file to develop youth centres at the level of all governorates, to provide support to it, and to provide all services to the youth, and citizens in the forefront of the interests of the Egyptian state.”

Accompanied the Minister during his tour of the youth centres and Mit Tarif, five members of the parliament and the senators, Major General Ismail Alfar, the head of the youth sector, Dr Mohamed Abdul Qadir, the head of central administration of the youth centres and youth bodies, Dr Meni Othman, agent of the Directorate of Youth and Sports in Dakahlia, Dr Alaa Jaballah.

Along with the General Director of Political Communication in the Ministry, Dr Tariq Pasha, the Deputy Directorate of Youth, Dr Ayman Rabie, the Deputy of the Directorate of Sports, and a number of political, executive and popular leaders in the province.


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