President El-Sisi visits Burj Arab University of Technology
President El-Sisi visits Burj Arab University of Technology || Picture Courtesy: Facebook

Egypt: Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research of Egypt has shared a statement about the Burj Arab University of Technology after President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi visited the campus.

President El-Sisi, visited on Wednesday to the Burj Arab University of Technology, which was established in response to his vision of developing technological education, providing outstanding educational opportunities at global standards, and preparing qualified human cadres by providing outstanding academic and professional programs.


It was anticipated that the programmes will contribute to the service and development of the Egyptian community in accordance with the vision of sustainable development (EGYPT VISION 2030).

According to the information shared by the Ministry, during his inspection tour at the university, President Abdul Fattah El-Sisi, in the presence of Prime Minister Dr Mustafa Madbouli, Dr Ayman Ashour, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, and Dr Mohammed Morsi Al-Jawhari, President of the Burj Arab University of Technology, inspected the laboratories and workshops equipped with the latest technological tools to assure that they are providing a unique educational and research experience.

“Burj Arab University of Technology has presented many modern and distinguished curricula through the Faculty of Industry and Energy Technology, which include departments (IT, Railway Technology, Tractor Technology, Agricultural Equipment Technology, Spinning, Textile Technology, Food Technology),” President stated, as per reports by the Ministry.

He added, “The University is also known to offer Faculty of Health Sciences Technology, which includes departments (Pharmaceutical Industries Technology, Health Information Management Technology, Nursing Assistant Technology and Dental Fusion Technology).”

Additionally, Ayman Ashour, the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, highlighted the importance of technological universities in qualifying graduates; to be able to meet the requirements of the labour market, commending the signing of protocols of cooperation between universities, industrial and educational institutions; to practically train students and sharpen their skills and abilities to be a strong addition to the local, regional and international labour market.

The minister added that the Burj Arab Technology University represents a major achievement achieved in a short period of time, noting that this achievement complements the Egyptian state’s journey in achieving a series of major national projects in different parts of the country, all of which focus on achieving inclusive and sustainable development throughout the country, stating that The achievement came as a result of the unlimited support of the political leadership for the creation of technological universities to develop this important sector and an assertion in the importance of education in building the Egyptian man.


Furthermore, Mohamed Morsi Al-Jawhari, President of Burj Arab Technological University, said that the university has entered into many cooperation protocols during its first academic year, in which cooperation agreements were made with the Arab Academy of Science, Technology and Maritime Transport, the Leader Preparation Institute, Orchidia for pharmaceutical industries, Farco Pharmaceutical Industries, Karim Hayat Foundation and the “Start” Foundation.

The President of the University added that education and awareness workshops and seminars were organized for the faculty, cooperative body and students to sharpen their experiences and skills, strengthen the values of loyalty and belongingness, and field visits of students to industrial institutions, companies and hospitals; to sharpen the experiences of students, practically and technically training them alongside theoretical education, to be able to compete in Contemporary and futuristic labour market, students were also encouraged to submit practical projects in some curriculum.

And on his side, Dr Adel Abdul Ghaffar, the Media Advisor and Spokesman of the Ministry stated that Burj Arab Technological University was established in accordance with Law No. 72 of the year 2019 concerning the creation of technological universities in Egypt; the university is located on an area of about 10 acres and the cost of establishing the university is about 540 million pounds, and it includes two kidneys: (Faculty of Industry Technology Energy and Health Sciences Technology), and offer a modern curriculum that is in line with the requirements of the modern and future labour market.


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