Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu meets US HRS Kevin McCarthy
Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu meets US HRS Kevin McCarthy (image credits Facebook)

Israel: The Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, has attended a meeting at the David Citadel Hotel in Jerusalem with the United States of America House of Representatives Speaker Kevin McCarthy. The meeting was held to discuss new ways of enhancing cooperation between both countries.

According to the shared updates, the information was shared through the official social media handle of the Prime Ministry of Israel. It was stated that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu extended his remarks and welcomed the US representative with open arms to the country.


During his dialogue with the Speaker Kevin McCarthy, PM Netanyahu noted, “I’m delighted to welcome to Jerusalem – to the Knesset – an old friend of mine, and an old friend and a trusted friend of the State of Israel: Kevin McCarthy. He has been a champion of the Israeli-American alliance. I think we have no better friend.”

Furthermore, he said, “You’ve brought with you a bipartisan delegation to express solidarity and relations with Israel on its 75th anniversary. You’re going to be the second Speaker who speaks in the Knesset, and you will be welcome with open arms.”

Meanwhile, he also emphasized, “I have to say that the recent statement by 400 members of Congress in support of Israel was tremendous. You know, to get 95% agreement and support on anything today is no mean matter. And I think it showcases the strength of that alliance and the strength of that’s support and assistance.”

In his concluding speech, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu noted, “I want to thank you personally for everything that you’ve been doing for that. So, welcome to Jerusalem, the friend.”

On the other hand, United States of America House of Representatives Speake Kevin McCarthy cited, “Thank you, my friend. It is an honour. As Speaker, this is my first trip overseas as Speaker, and it’s on purpose that I came to Israel because there is no greater ally to America than Israel.”

He emphasized the longstanding relationship between both nations. He outlined that “To be able to say to my long-time friend, the prime minister, just your supervision, your character and your courage – you inspire us in America as well. You’re right about our resolution honoring 75 years of Israel. We’re proud of the history that 11 minutes after you became a country, America recognized you.”


“Our bonds have only grown each and every year. And I look to the next 75 years. The world is better when America and Israel are tighter. The world is safer. I think of what we’ve been able to accomplish,” said the US Speaker.

Israel’s democracy is the only free in the region of Middle Eastern. There are only two nations in the world that were conceived in freedom and dedicated to the proposition that all people are equal.

“As we continue to grow and thrive, I think the world will be much safer and stronger, and our children will have a much more beautiful world in the future. So, thank you. I appreciate you,” concluded the Speaker, Kevin McCarthy.  


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