Bahrain Ministry of Health warns public about fake calls, WhatsApp messages misusing its logo
Bahrain Ministry of Health warns public about fake calls, WhatsApp messages misusing its logo || Picture Courtesy: Facebook

Bahrain: The Ministry of Health has warned the general public regarding the phone calls and messages via WhatsApp bearing its logo or the logo of the application of “Aware Community” from numbers inside and outside the Kingdom of Bahrain.

The Ministry has asked the general public to stay aware of such calls and messages as the person (who calls) speaks on behalf of the Ministry of Health and collects special information about vaccination doses against the coronavirus (COVID-19).


The Ministry has shared the update regarding such calls through social media as the number of reports registered about this is increasing day by day.

Furthermore, the health authorities of Bahrain stated that suspicious communications are requesting to download a fake app that allegedly collects information about COVID-19 vaccination doses, to facilitate and speed up additional dose registration, which the caller deluded to take, allowing the fake app access to mobile, bank accounts and accounts linked to the device.

The Ministry of Health confirmed that these communications are fake from suspicious parties, advising the public to close the wall and be cautious. It has asked the public not to deal with them and not to provide any personal data, and caution not to open any links sent via WhatsApp.

Additionally, the Health Ministry has assured the general public that all the possible steps are taken by the authorities and the Government of the Kingdom of Bahrain to reduce such unethical activities in the country.

The Ministry stated that the matter is being handled in coordination with the Cybercrime Department of the Interior. At the same time, it is confirmed that the only app approved in Bahrain for Coronavirus vaccination doses is the ‘Conscious Community’ app; it is not contacted by ministry stakeholders to update or obtain personal information, as the app has been designed to match updates automatically and programmed to maintain the highest levels of security and privacy.


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