Jordanian Rep Nasser Shraideh meets German counterpart Zeina Toukan to enhance economic ties
Jordanian Rep Nasser Shraideh meets German counterpart Zeina Toukan to enhance economic ties (image credits Facebook)

Jordan: The Jordanian Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs, Minister of State for Public Sector Renewal, Nasser Sultan Shraideh, has recently attended a meeting with the Minister for Planning and International Cooperation Zeina Toukan to research ways to strengthen joint economic and development framework with Germany.

The update was shared through the official social media handle of the Prime Ministry of Jordan. The official shared the information with the citizens and residents regarding the joint cooperation and coordination in economic field between Germany and Jordan. 


During the meeting with a delegation from the Budget Committee in the German Parliament, chaired by Representative Claudia Rafelhushen, at the Prime Minister’s presidency, Al- Shraideh confirmed the depth of Jordan-German relations.

Jordanian Rep Nasser Shraideh meets German counterpart Zeina Toukan to enhance economic ties

Furthermore, it was also stated that both the countries have been sharing a longstanding relationship from over 60 years of supporting partnerships which have increased over time. Al- Shraideh also noted that Germany is the second largest donor to Jordan, having pledged to provide valuable new development aid to Jordan. €413.9 million in 2022 and 2023.

Meanwhile, as a nation, the representative of Jordan has expressed their appreciation to Germany for the aid it has provided to Jordan which contributes to the application of the many development projects especially in the water, education, training and vocational education sectors, as well as assistance to meet the needs of the host communities of Syrian refugees.

“It is obvious that all reflects Germany’s understanding of the challenges facing Jordanian economy at this stage and its readiness to stand by Jordan as a reliable partner by committing to provide financial and technical support to contribute to facing these challenges,” stated the representatives of Jordan.

In addition, Jordanian financial and monetary policies have maintained economic stability and that Jordan has managed to maintain Jordan’s credit rating moving from stable to positive, signaling that inflation in the kingdom is likely to drop to 3.8 percent this year compared to 4.2 percent last year.

During the meeting, Al- Shraideh also reviewed the Kingdom’s efforts in various economic, administrative and political renewal programs under the guidance of His Majesty King Abdullah II, and the most important achievements implemented in this regard.


The government launched the Women’s Strategy in Economic Renewal vision which shows the real will to increase women’s participation in the labour market, Shraideh said. 

He further highlighted the challenges and opportunities imposed in recent years due to the covid-19 global pandemic, the Russian-Ukraine War, etc., on various economic sectors, especially commercial and industrial ones.

Jordan is a gateway to the region, and possesses many features, which qualify it to polarize investments, such as human personnel, location, logistics, etc., in various sectors, he said, “the Kingdom has taken effective steps on the development and modernization of competent cadres in the fields of green technology, information technology and artificial intelligence.”

Minister for Planning, Toukan pointed to the paths of economic, political and administrative reform, which Jordan implemented plans, amid global challenges related to climate change, rising unemployment, the Ukrainian Russian war, growing inflation, energy challenges, water scarcity, and rising refugee numbers.

Toukan expressed her appreciation for Germany’s continued contribution, in advancing development priorities in Jordan, by supporting economic growth, and giving the Kingdom priority in development cooperation, citing key challenges it faces in the water, employment, education sectors, and mechanisms to address this in the vision of economic renewal, through investment and financing, to improve quality of life and promote economic growth. And the achievement of sustainability.

The delegation recognized Jordan’s efforts in overcoming the challenges it faces, expressing their country’s readiness to provide support, which contributes to pushing the wheel of growth and development, and enhances the opportunities available in various sectors.

The German ministers also affirmed the depth of relations that binds Jordan and Germany, and the importance of fostering cooperation in the spheres of work, education, trade and investment.


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