Dominica: PM Roosevelt Skerrit addresses CNCDs-related issues during press conference
Dominica: PM Roosevelt Skerrit addresses CNCDs-related issues during press conference || Picture Courtesy: PM Roosevelt Skerrit (Facebook)

Roseau, Dominica: Dr Roosevelt Skerrit – The Prime Minister of the Commonwealth of Dominica, attended a press conference on 21 April 2023 (Friday). He addressed the media on the updates regarding the issues related to the CNCDs (Chronic Non-Communicable) diseases. He also pointed out a number of pressing challenges and bills to be presented in the upcoming parliament session.

According to the updates, Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit took to his official social media handle to share the keynotes and mentioned topics from the press conference. In his remarks, he expressed his concern over several essential topics and stated that the government of Dominica is working tirelessly to resolve such issues.


In addition, Prime Minister stressed the current healthcare infrastructure and the rising danger of Chronic Non-Communicable diseases (CNCDs) in the country. While mentioning the critical situation raised by Chronic Non-Communicable Diseases, he noted in his Facebook caption, “I am passionate about arresting the pressing threat of the Chronic Non-Communicable Diseases among the citizens.”

Through his Facebook post, PM Skerrit shared a video clip from his address at the press conference in which he highlighted his personal thoughts and emotions regarding the entire situation. He spoke about various aspects of the CNCDs and the response of the people regarding their existence.

Furthermore, he addressed all the media members and attendees at the press conference regarding the issue of chronic diseases and mentioned, “It appears that I am a lone ranger, unfortunately, in respect to CNCDs in Dominica, and I feel a sense of emotions and sadness about it.”

Moreover, Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit extended his remarks and also outlined that, in his view, the people of Dominica do not understand the impacts of CNCDs on the society and families of the island nation. “The nation needs to recognise the such issue, which can be very devastating for the people and find an appropriate solution,” he added.

He further continued his speech and cited an example, “When there is a forty years old woman, a single parent to four children, and she gets stroke leaving with half paralysed body would put a deteriorating effect on the family.” “The medical treatment it costs will increase every year,” he added.

Prime Minister noted that the cost can be cut by half by providing education, more advocacy and more information on how people can manage and maintain their well-being. Through this example, he urged the people of Dominica to keep a check on their health status and well-being.


“It was also stressed that the problems related to Chronic Non-Communicable Diseases are serious and need to be addressed by every Dominican. To handle such problems and health care challenges in the country, the health care infrastructure has to be competent and up to the mark,” Prime Minister noted.

In his remarks, he also emphasised that the government of the Commonwealth of Dominica is urging the people to get educated to raise awareness regarding such a serious threat. He mentioned that the media has a role to play in raising awareness through various means.

In the end, he called his fellow Dominicans to join him in the fight against the CNCDs, to protect the economy and citizens and ensure their well-being.


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