Dominica: Jazz and Creole festival begins in Portsmouth's Cabrits National Park
Dominica: Jazz and Creole festival begins in Portsmouth's Cabrits National Park (image credits google)

Portsmouth, Dominica: The renowned festival of Jazz and Creole, 2023, kicked off yesterday, (Sunday) 30 April 2023, in its 12th edition at the Fort Shirley, Cabrits National Park in the Constituency of Portsmouth in the Commonwealth of Dominica

The festival will be showcasing a number of different stage events featuring national and international artists and performers under the Dress theme of ‘Rainforest Fantasy’. 


According to the shared updates, the authorities of the Jazz and Creole event have extended heartfelt greetings and best wishes to the people of the Portsmouth constituency and invited them to attend the national event. Meanwhile, it was also stated that the event would be a mix of Jazz and Creole music, food and culture. 

Dominica: Jazz and Creole festival begins in Portsmouth’s Cabrits National Park

Furthermore, on the occasion of the beginning of the Jazz and Creole event, 2023, the organizing authorities have also recalled the events held in 2022 and noted, “Here is a look back at last year’s event.” 

It was also stated that the event would be held in different sections and venues across the Commonwealth of Dominica, hosting an infusion of different art and cultures around the world. 

The officials also shared instructions and advised the necessary guidelines to the people of the Nature Island and Portsmouth Constituency and cited, “The stage is set for the 2023 Jazz and Creole at the Cabrits – Fort Shirley. Please drive safely en route to Portsmouth and enjoy this wonderful event.”

Dominica: Jazz and Creole festival begins in Portsmouth’s Cabrits National Park

Moreover, during the Jazz and Creole event, a number of renowned artists, bands and different cultural groups from Dominica and across the world will be performing on the stage. The performing artists and bands at the event are as follows,

– Black Violin Band


– Octeto Kanaima (Orchestra from Venezuela)

– Phyllisia Ross

– Island Jazz Collective (Jussi)

– Swingin Stars Band

– Signal Band

In addition, The Jazz and Creole event will be held for over a week at various locations and venues across Dominica and culminate within the family atmosphere of Fort Shirley in the Cabrits National Park. 

It was described as the event which serves as an avenue for showcasing an infusion of the jazz artform into the Creole culture of Dominican and international performers. The influence of the Creole in the jazz culture is also strongly featured in the high level of fashion flaunted at the event, said the officials.

The officials further conveyed that Dominica’s Jazz ‘n Creole is an afternoon-to-evening event providing an appeal to families, jazz enthusiasts, fashionistas and anyone looking for a good time. 

“The atmosphere is perfect for socializing, indulging in tasty local cuisines and with the picturesque view of the Portsmouth cove, it is perfect for documenting an experience like none other,” officials added. 

The authorities also shared glimpses and photographs from last year’s Jazz and Creole celebrations featuring different artists and bands performing at the events. 

The people of the Commonwealth of Dominica engaged with each other and enjoyed their time, and the same engagement is expected in this year’s Jazz and Creole, said officials. 


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